Stories Of Change

DSW together with its partners has been busy capturing stories of change within our advocacy capacity development project SLALE (Strengthening Local Advocacy Leadership in East Africa) over the past year.

In virtual sessions we collected story ideas, shared our experiences of change and developed personal stories. The whole process was shaped through several ideation sessions, constructive peer feedback and intense one-on-one sessions.

Expertise & Leadership in Advocacy

Our storytellers share how advocacy capacity development increased their expertise & leadership skills in advocacy, helped them to put a focus on the importance of strategic and well-informed advocacy planning as well as on the power of local, national and international alliance and network building. It shows how these opportunities empowered youth-led organizations to become leaders in local FPRH advocacy.

Gaining Inspiration and Confidence through International Conference Participation

Magreth Kadwela
Kivulini Women's Rights Organisation

Advocacy isn't confrontation

Alex Samwel
Grambah Health Charity Organisation

Amina's Story

Fortunata Mossani
Young Women Christian Association (YWCA)

Be the change you want to see

Alfred Sigo
Pwani Youth Network

Sustainable Organisational Development

Our storytellers share how the development of organizational skills contributed to the overall success of their advocacy strategies. Improving financial systems and skills, gaining skills in Monitoring and Evaluation as well as Resource Mobilisation are important to increase sustainable organisational growth.

Capacitate Youth for Positive Change

Stephen Kibindio
Safe Community Youth Initiative (SCYI)

Magauni Manne - Four Gowns

Rajabu Juma Suleiman & Charles Ruben
Dodoma Youth Development Organisation (Doyodo)

The Importance of Financial Systems and Skills

Masika Mwinyi
Declares Inspirational Group